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“Worlds Fastest Optician”

Well, that may not be totally accurate, but Hoya Lens Australia has taken the opportunity to promote the Eyecare Plus Optometrists brand through a unique link with experienced Optical Dispenser Ian McLean. The Hoya Lens/Eyecare Plus race car has recently competed at Mount Panorama Bathurst, in an iconic HQ Holden at the Bathurst 6hr event over the Easter weekend.

The Hoya Lens/Eyecare Plus Hamilton and Warners Bay race car at Bathurst (image by Priceless Images)

The Newcastle local has been using Hoya Lenses for over 25 years along with working for Eyecare Plus Optometry practices for the past 10 years and couldn’t be prouder to promote the new ‘eye catching’ Hoya Lens/Eyecare Plus livery. The debut of the 2022 livery at the Bathurst event was seen by tens of thousands of people either at the event, through social media plus broadcast on television over the race weekend.

“Motorsport relies on the highest level of demand for accurate vision, not only while racing but also during preparation including very fine and accurate processes with close distance work” said Ian. “Sadly, I’m almost as old as the beautiful 50 year old race car that I compete with and similarly both need help to perform at the highest possible level”.

The event was a success for the Hoya Lens/Eyecare Plus race car, with solid results throughout the weekend, competing in a capacity grid of 55 HQ Holden race cars.

Lloyd Turner and all of the staff from Eyecare Plus Hamilton and Warners Bay practices have always been very supportive of Ian’s racing, with Hoya Lens Australia being a long term lens supplier and supporter of the race car with Lloyd’s encouragement. Hoya Lens Australia offering the major share of the signage, to help promote their strong relationship with the Eyecare Plus Optometrists and the 140 practices across the country.

The Bathurst HQ Racing field over the Easter weekend (image by Priceless Images)

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